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Dr. Alexis Strode Animal Chiropractor

"Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic."

 ~ The Well Balanced Animal Team


Union, MO Animal Chiropractor

"When Oliver (my 12 year old Maltese) suffered a back injury Dr. Strode was compassionate and beyond caring towards both myself and Oliver!


Upon consultation we decided on a chiropractic approach for his healing journey in the hopes of avoiding surgery and I have been so please with the outcome. Initially he was dragging one of his rear legs from a possible IVDD diagnosis and after just a few adjustments within the first week there was significant improvement.

It has been only 8 short weeks from his injury, and it is impossible to tell which leg was affected. I plan on continuing adjustments for as long as we feel Oliver is benefiting from them and would highly recommend Dr. Strode. Oliver and I can’t thank her enough!"

-Mollylin Best

Union, MO Animal Chiropractor


Union, MO Animal Chiropractor

"When we adopted Peanut at the age of 13, we knew she was having some hip problems.  When we first got her, Peanut was doing pretty good for an older dog.


As time went by, she was unable to get around on her own. She needed help getting up each time and she seemed miserable. We thought for sure this was the end of her now 15 years of doggy life.


We made an appointment with Dr. Strode to see if she could help. She did a chiropractic adjustment and literally a few days later Peanut was getting up on her own, galloping through the yard and seemed happier than ever. Thanks to Dr. Strode, she was able to give our Peanut a few more years of love. Dr. Strode is the best and I highly recommended her!"

- Jenny Admire

Union, MO Animal Chiropractor


Jerry Lee

(14 year old Lab /Boxer mix)

Union, MO Animal Chiropractor

"We have a 14 year old Labrador/Boxer Mix that weighs around 90 lbs.  Towards the end of last year he was really starting to slow down and some days would barely move off his bed.  One day he had been on his bed for a full 24 hours without moving and we were questioning if it was time to make the dreaded trip.  As we were making arrangements for the following morning to get an appointment setup, we managed to coax him into the yard as he hadn't been out all day and he was able to move around a bit.  We went to bed that night and didn't have high hopes for the morning.  Morning came and we were able to get him to stretch his legs again so I decided to make a call to Dr. Strode as a last resort before the dreaded drive.  


Ultimately we could tell he was still healthy, just losing his mobility fast!  Long story short she worked her magic and he is getting around now better than he has in years!  She shared her knowledge with us and showed us how out of alignment his hips and pelvic bone were!  After a few appointments you wouldn't believe it was even the same dog!  Forever grateful and certainly can't recommend enough!"

- Matt Hulsey

Animal Chiropractor
Union, MO Animal Chiropractor

Dr. Strode helped Apollo feel his best, so he can look his best. In the show ring and at home, I noticed a huge improvement on how he was carrying himself and was able to go straight!” - Emma Koscielski

Dr. Alexis Strode Animal Chiropractor


Union, MO Animal Chiropractor

My aging, personal protection dog (PPD) has shown signs of wear and tear, after years of high impact training and activities. Dr. Strode has given him much relief and comfort with regular adjustments and care and our appreciation is abundant. He leaves his visits feeling looser, happier and ready for our next adventure!

Animal Chiropractor Serving Valley Park, MO


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